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Search results for 'difference of sesame oil products'

  1. MYR7.50
    Table shaker. It's handy, and ideal for light user and as a gift. Available for sale at retail boutiques, most of hypermarket and supermarket
  2. MYR97.00
    Classic Gift Set 1 6 pcs / 块 Tau Sar Pneah 豆沙饼 8 pcs / 块 Tau Sar Pneah (Small) 小豆沙饼 2 pcs / 块 Phong Pneah 清糖饼 12 pcs / 块 Hneoh Pneah 香饼 4 pcs / 块 Beh Teh Saw 马蹄酥 2 pcs / 块 Oriental Almond Cookies 杏仁酥 2 sachets / 包 Pure White Coffee 纯白咖啡 1 sachet / 包 Pure White Coffee (Less Sugar) 低糖纯白咖啡 1 sachet / 包 Milk Tea 传统拉茶 (Carry On Board)
  3. MYR14.70
    Our pure white coffee is made from the finest quality coffee beans, roasted to perfection. Promising you a smooth, creamy texture and heavenly aroma like no other.
  4. MYR9.50
    Specially catered to those who prefer small bite-sized. Each piece with sweet and salty filling of green beans is delicately handcrafted to satisfy your taste bud.